The job market has become complex with the advent of technology. Even low-level blue-collar jobs require computer skills. In addition, positions that were viable a few years ago are being phased out due to advancements in technology. If you want to determine if your current job is a good long-term career you should consider these factors.

Job Trends

Look at current job trends to determine the outlook for your position. Government sites such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics offer vital information for thousands of possible careers. You can find out salary trends, education requirements and career growth opportunities. This information will help you determine the future of your current job and if it is a viable career.

Current Requirements

Another factor to consider when looking at the sustainability of your current job is to review the skill requirements you needed to obtain your current position. Did you need a high level of computer knowledge or advanced skill set? Does the company encourage continuing education in order for you to maintain your station? These aspects indicate potential career growth for you and an increased chance that a computer won’t perform your job in the near future.

Technology Trends

Technology has already revolutionized the way we work. Positions such as secretary, meter reader, travel agent, typists and telephone operators have already been altered as many functions are now performed by computer software. Statistics show that telemarketers, accountants and retail salespeople are positons that will be changed drastically as sophisticated robots and complex computer algorithms are perfected.

Monitoring trends in technology that relate to your current job will help you to ascertain whether you have chosen a long-term career or a stepping-stone on the way to a new career path.

Your Comfort Level

A final factor you should consider when evaluating your current job is your comfort level with position requirements. Do you feel as though you can easily accomplish your daily tasks or is the level of technology slightly beyond your reach? Do you feel comfortable learning new software programs and obtaining advanced technical skills or are you intimidated by office technology?

As technology changes and computers assume various tasks, employees with advanced computer knowledge will still be required to monitor the machines and programs. Inventory can now be completed on tablets and by scanning barcodes, but human oversight is still necessary to detect errors. As your position evolves, your ability to evolve with it will help you turn your current job into a long-term career.

Technology may be able to complete tasks previously done by humans, but employees will still be necessary to work with computers and robots. By looking at your career outlook, ability to learn advanced skills and current job requirements will help you determine if you are in a position that can evolve into a long-term career.

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