How to Get a Resume into the “Yes” Pile

In some ways, the hardest step of the job search process can be getting noticed in the first place.  Employers are inundated with piles of resumes from many qualified candidates.  After a while, the applications can all begin to look the same.  Getting your resume in the yes pile means standing out from the rest of the pack.  Though having strong education and experience is obviously the most important aspect, there are some tips to separate your qualified resume from the other qualified resumes.

Start off strong.

Some studies say that employers know in the first eight seconds whether to place the resume in the “yes” pile or not.  Start off with a short succinct title that sums up your personal brand, and then include a strong skills section that positions you as a strong candidate for the job you are seeking.  This will catch the catch the reader’s attention and keep them reading with a positive eye.

Focus on concrete skills, rather than catchphrases.

Employers reading stacks of resumes tend to gloss over phrases like “hands-on experience” and “self-motivated.”  These things don’t mean much and can be applied to almost any situation.  Instead, focus on actual work you have conducted and achievements you have earned.  Frame the experiences in such a way that the conclusions are obvious to the reader.

Understand resume tracking systems.

Many companies today are using automatic tracking systems to sort through resumes.  Getting to know these systems can allow you to include certain key words designed to make it through these sorting systems.

Include a strong cover letter.

A good cover letter can make a difference in setting an otherwise ordinary resume over the top.  Do your research on the company you are applying to and gear the cover letter to the particular job.
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