How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Land Your Next Job

When you are looking for your next IT opportunity, you do need to visit all the relevant job search websites, such as Dice, CareerBuilder and Indeed.  While these sites all provides viable job posts, using them exclusively is akin to throwing spaghetti against a wall.  You are simply throwing your resume at the site and hoping that something sticks.
One of the best methods to incorporate into your job search strategy is networking, and one of the easiest ways to begin networking is to join a LinkedIn Group.  Therefore, devoting some time to LinkedIn Groups should be a crucial part of your IT job search strategy.  If you are not sure how to begin, here are 4 tips to get you started and keep the spaghetti off the wall.
Find groups that are right for you 
When you’re searching for LinkedIn Groups, consider some criteria that would connect you with the best in terms of membership. There are more than 1.5 million LinkedIn Groups, and they exist for just about any industry or topic. They can be open so that anyone can join or they can have restricted membership, where you will have to be approved before you can join.  Focus only on joining those groups that can help you find your next job, but this does not mean to simply join those that have the word “jobs” in their title. For example, do some homework and locate groups

  • That are for people who work at one of your targeted companies.
  • To which hiring managers and other industry professionals belong.
  • Targeted to your school’s alumni

Join the conversation
Once you belong to a group, join the conversation.  This does not mean posting comments willy-nilly.  Begin by introducing yourself to the group and then commenting on those posts/questions where you can add value.  When you write intelligently, you increase your chances of being found by recruiters who regularly search/scan questions and comments, looking for top notch talent.
Look at the job “tab” within the groups
Most groups have their own “job” tab that is separate from the Jobs section in LinkedIn.  Often hiring managers and recruiters will post here instead of LinkedIn “Jobs” section.  The reasons are many, but, by leveraging  this resource, you’ll have less competition and you will gain an advantage.
Reach out to group members
While you participate in group discussions, look for influential members to get to know.  When appropriate, send them a LinkedIn invitation so you can get to know them outside of the group. However, do not push.  Networking does take time.  Keep in touch via email, and once you feel the relationship is solid, consider asking whether any opportunities are available.
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