Why Denver is Ranked the 3rd Best Place to Live

When you’re looking to create the right career path for yourself, location can be incredibly important. Job seekers know that it’s not just about the office environment, it’s about the environment the office is in. If you’re a job seeker looking for a perfect fit, settling in an area that will help you feel healthy… Read More »

What Happens to Your Application After You Hit “Send”?

Your job hunt can be stressful, exhausting, and frustrating. Even when you’ve found an ideal posting, there’s work to be done. It can be confusing to know when to follow up or how to proceed next. Here at Job Store Staffing, we’re doing our best to lead you through the process. Here’s what happens behind… Read More »

Start Preparing for 2017 and Set Some Major Career Goals

With 2016 quickly vanishing, it’s time to set your sights on the coming year. A developing professional needs to look at the big picture and embrace a new season of expanding your experience. Read ahead for Job Store’s tips on how best to prepare for 2017 to make it your most successful year yet! Pursue… Read More »

Are These Traits Killing Your Online Business Credibility?

Credibility is a company’s currency and leverage. When your business has a positive reputation, your organization has more influence over the market, new products have a better chance of being successful, and you may be able to have an impact on the direction of new trends in your niche. You can have a stellar offline… Read More »

Why Women-Owned Businesses Are Looking for Quality Talent

Women-owned businesses survived the recent recession and are now looking to grow. This provides optimum opportunity for qualified candidates like you. Understand how female entrepreneurs run their businesses differently and what that means for job seekers. Strategic Survival Established women-owned businesses survived the recent recession in one of two ways. The companies either cut costs… Read More »

A Booming Denver Economy is Only Part of the Story

The lowering unemployment rate is good news for people who live and work in Denver. This upward trend is likely to continue as new businesses open in the area and seek qualified candidates. Denver’s booming economy means more than just better jobs. It also means that the housing market is stabilizing, the hospitality industry is… Read More »

Stand Out in the Job Market and Prove Your Skills

When you are applying for a job, a resume and a cover letter may not be enough to get you noticed. Employers tend to scan resumes to find specific keywords and phrases, so they may miss the list of accomplishments you are so proud of in your resume. In addition, you may be competing against… Read More »

New Businesses Boost Colorado Job Outlook

More good news for job seekers in Colorado.  The state added 51,000 new businesses in the first half of 2014, signifying a year of sustained growth and prosperity.  This is up 13 percent from the year before.  In a 12-year period, the state added more than 92,000 jobs, a 4.8 percent increase over the previous… Read More »

How to Get a Resume into the “Yes” Pile

In some ways, the hardest step of the job search process can be getting noticed in the first place.  Employers are inundated with piles of resumes from many qualified candidates.  After a while, the applications can all begin to look the same.  Getting your resume in the yes pile means standing out from the rest… Read More »

It’s Time For a Safety Audit

In you haven’t done so recently, consider conducting a safety check of your premises. Conducting a check is crucial to find any issues that may lead to injuries and lawsuits in the future. When conducting your check, be complete and thorough. Look through every part of the building and note anything that seems even a… Read More »