How to Answer the Worst Job Interview Question

Job seekers have enough troubles – creating an enticing cover letter, updating and tweaking the resume, filling out application after application. When a candidate finally gets the call for an interview, it’s exciting! However, it’s crucial to be prepared. “What’s your greatest weakness?” is always the most-dreaded interview question and we’ll help you answer it… Read More »

How to Make Team Meetings More Productive

Everyone’s experienced a long, drawn-out, unproductive meeting. Effectively utilizing time is a key to workplace success. However, it can be challenging to prioritize and make the most of a meeting. If you want to focus your efforts when you have your team in the conference room, here’s how you can make it happen. Create an… Read More »

These are the Most-Used Interview Questions You Can Prepare For in Advance

Every interview requires some basic steps you’ll need to complete before you sit down with a hiring manager. You will cultivate your professional appearance with the right business attire. You’ll research the company to learn more about operations and company culture to see if you’ll be a good fit. And of course, you’ll prepare your… Read More »

How to Stand Out Against Other Job Seekers

Between cover letters and resumes, there’s not a ton of space for originality. If you’re an individual that succeeds when you can express your creativity, the job search process may seem stifling. However, when you’re trying to find that perfect fit, it’s essential to give yourself as many opportunities as possible. To land the right… Read More »

Job Search Mistakes You Might Be Making

Finding the right position when you’re unemployed takes a ton of hard work. Each day is filled with applications, resume edits, cover letters, and references. You can apply to dozens of jobs as you look for the right fit, but it may take a while to land the right role. At the end of the… Read More »

3 Ways to Give Effective Feedback that Your Workers Will Learn From

The only way to help employees improve their job performance is to offer effective feedback. Yet, since most feedback is delivered as a criticism of the employee, many workers don’t react well when feedback is offered. Here are three ways to give effective feedback that your workers will receive well and will learn from. Positive… Read More »

Workplace Tardiness Is Costlier Than You Think

Most employees behave within workplace norms. They arrive on time, stay for their whole shift, and don’t call in sick unless necessary. However, every company has those handful of employees who are habitually late or have some excuse why they have to leave early. You may try to ignore this behavior, but it is something… Read More »

How to Wow Hiring Managers a During Phone Interview

Some companies have multiple steps that must be completed in their interview process. These steps can include an email questionnaire, tests or phone interviews in order to determine if  a potential candidate is a good fit for the organization. A phone interview is one way a manager can create an initial opinion about an individual… Read More »

Why You Should Support a Workplace Wellness Initiative

Promoting a healthy business includes the health and well-being of your employees. More companies are supporting work place wellness initiatives as a way to take care of their workers, their brand, and their bottom line. Here are some reasons why your company should support a workplace wellness initiative. Better Productivity Healthy people who exercise, eat… Read More »

Are You Targeting Millennial Talent?

As the baby boomers retire, millennials are taking their place. Millennials currently comprise 27 percent of the adult population and two-thirds of the workforce. Millennials have revolutionized workplace culture and require different recruitment strategies. Are you using hiring practices specifically aimed at attracting top millennial talent? Calling for a Revolution Back in the 70s, baby… Read More »