Crucial Information You Could Be Overlooking While Training Your Next New Hire

Onboarding is the number one way to lay down clear expectations for your workers. Starting with a strong foundation is essential to the success of your employees. As a leader, you need to take onboarding seriously. Turnover is expensive, but avoidable with the right onboarding program. Spend time welcoming your new staff members and providing… Read More »

Update Your LinkedIn Profile for the New Year

As you look forward to 2016, you may be thinking about New Years’ resolutions. One resolution you may want to consider is updating your LinkedIn profile. If you are searching for a new position or just looking to network in your field, optimizing your LinkedIn profile will increase your prospects in 2016. Is Your Profile… Read More »

5 LinkedIn Groups to Join for Denver Job Seekers

As mentioned in one of our earlier posts, networking is a crucial component of your job search strategy.  One of the easiest ways to begin networking is to join a LinkedIn Group.  Therefore, if you are searching for a new job in the Denver area, here are the top 5 LinkedIn Groups to join: Get… Read More »