4 Essential Things to Include in Your Post-Interview Thank-You Letter

To stand out as a job candidate, every detail counts. It can seem impossible to make a big impression even in a candidate market. When you’re searching for the perfect position, you may be applying to dozens of postings each week, and struggling to stay organized. Be sure to keep tabs on the all-important post-interview… Read More »

Culture is a Big Factor in Making Your Employees Stay

Retention is a huge responsibility of any company leader. As someone in management, you need to keep your staff in the loop and on board. Any industry leader knows the secret to successful retention of quality staff is to have a positive company culture. These days, employees aren’t willing to deal with poor treatment or… Read More »

Five Steps for Improving Co-Worker Relationships

You spend a lot of time with your co-workers. You share successes and failures with them. You enjoy good Chinese food and tough projects with them. These people need to be more than just strangers if you are going to trust them, collaborate with them and enjoy your time together. If you are looking to… Read More »