How to Write a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

Everyone needs to know how to write a great LinkedIn Recommendation. It helps others, but also reflects well on you.  If you know how to write a fantastic Linked Recommendation, you are in a better position to help others write great recommendations for you. The problem is that many think view the actual writing as… Read More »

5 LinkedIn Groups to Join for Denver Job Seekers

As mentioned in one of our earlier posts, networking is a crucial component of your job search strategy.  One of the easiest ways to begin networking is to join a LinkedIn Group.  Therefore, if you are searching for a new job in the Denver area, here are the top 5 LinkedIn Groups to join: Get… Read More »

How to use social media to screen and recruit

LinkedIn is (in many cases) a recruiter’s best friend for both recruiting and screening.  But LinkedIn is not the only social networking site that can be (or should be) leveraged during the hunt for the best possible employee. Facebook is also a viable option. Recruiting Recruiters who use Facebook generally focus on the site when… Read More »

How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Build a Talent Pool

When using LinkedIn to search for job candidates, your goal should be to find the best people the people not looking for you the people your competition has not found yet. Most recruiters understand the basics of sourcing people via LinkedIn –  a good mix of candidates, ability to validate information, the ability to quickly… Read More »

How to Quantify Results on your Resume

Many job seekers believe that their accomplishments are not quantifiable.  This is not the case.  Quantifying your achievements help you highlight how you enhanced profits and/or saved time and money.  Most (if not all) companies value workers who do one or the other. Numbers Rule… One of the best ways to quantify an achievement is… Read More »

Denver Ranked 10th Best Market in the U.S.

Denver ranked as the 10th best U.S. market in the On Numbers Economic Index for the month of October. This index, which was published on Thursday October 24th, is designed to be a monthly snapshot of the economic performance of 102 large U.S. metro areas.   G. Scott Thomas, who covers demographic trends in his On Numbers blog for… Read More »

3 Tips for Temp Onboarding

The holiday season will be here before you know it.  Thirty-nine percent of retailers plan to hire holiday help.  It is up 36% from last year, according to Forbes magazine. However, seasonal hiring is not limited to retailers.  Eighteen percent of IT firms, 16% of companies in the leisure and hospitality sector, and 16% of… Read More »

Interview Questions to Prep For and How to Answer Them the Right Way

What kind of Top interview questions Top 10 interview questions and answers Top interview questions and answers 2012 Above are some of the well-worn Google search phrases that job seekers use in their attempt to find the magic answer to anticipated interview questions. The Internet is littered with many of them…some of them very odd.… Read More »

How to Format a Resume – Free Resume Template

A well-known, eye-tracking study, done by, discovered that recruiters only spend about 6 seconds reviewing a resume before making an initial decision on a candidate. Therefore, how you format your resume can either help or hinder you in this process. Here are 5 tips and tricks you should keep in mind while you create… Read More »

Colorado Business Index Belies Brisk Hiring

The Colorado Business Index As mentioned in earlier blogs, the Colorado Business Index is a monthly report of expected Colorado business activity.  This index jumped to 56.5 in August, up from 54.8 in July, before dropping more than 4 points – to 52.2 – in September.  Despite the slip, the state is still poised for… Read More »