Top 5 tricks to get the best workers

As a manager, you have a lot invested in finding the right employees. Not only are you literally investing time and money in the hiring process, but you are looking for people who will ultimately contribute to the success or failure of your company. Finding the right employee can sometimes seem difficult, especially with the… Read More »

Survey on Hiring Challenges in 2014

I wanted to share a great article that is worth reading. Haley Marketing surveyed 500 HR Professionals and Hiring Mangers about the challenges they are facing in hiring today.    These challenges are across the country.  … Read More »

What Your Interview Body Talk Says about You

When preparing for interviews, many people spend hours going through sample questions and planning out what they are going to say. While this is important, it turns out that in interviews, what you say with your body may be just as, if not more, important than what you say with your words. Your body language… Read More »

Denver’s Workforce Initiative Now (WIN) Program

Denver has consistently ranked among the best cities in the country for businesses and job-seekers.  One big reason why is that the city is committed to helping both businesses and job-seekers through programs like the Workforce Initiative Now (WIN) program. The WIN program is a collaboration between Denver’s Regional Transportation District, the Community College of… Read More »

Avoid These 6 Major Interview Blunders

When it comes to landing a job, there is no step more important than the interview.  The interview is the place where a prospective employer can get a sense of what type of person you are, and whether or not you meet their needs. Having a good interview is essential if you want to land… Read More »

Are Your Employees Working Hard or Working Smart?

As a manager, it can be easy to look at an employee putting in long hours and automatically think they are doing good work, or vice versa. In fact, hard work isn’t always the same as good work. Being able to gauge the difference is key to managing productivity. Working smart doesn’t necessarily mean working… Read More »

Do a Better Job Search – In Under 5 Minutes

In today’s competitive job market, everybody is looking for a leg up.  The edge you are looking for may be easier to attain that you may think. In fact, it can be done in as little as 5 minutes. The secret? Reach out to someone who holds the job you are seeking and ask to speak about… Read More »

Team Building Programs Your Employees will Love

Team building exercises are an important way to bring employees closer together and promote a collaborative, productive environment. If not done right, they can also be tedious, boring or campy for the staff. The key to a successful team building exercise is to find some activity that will promote team building and bring people together… Read More »

How to Prepare for 7 Most Common Job Interview Questions

When it comes to interviews, preparation is key. Preparation starts with researching the company and the interviewers and learning everything you can about both. After that, the next step is to try to anticipate the kind of questions you will be asked and plan out how you will answer them. While every interview with involve… Read More »

Do You Know How the ACA Will Impact Your Business?

The Affordable Care Act mandates that employers with more than 50 full-time workers provide health care to their employees or pay a penalty. But there are some complications, particularly when it comes to temporary workers. Understanding how the law affects your company is crucial to ensuring you are fulfilling your responsibilities. Here is a breakdown… Read More »