Accidents Happen: It’s What You Do After That Counts

Accidents- they are bound to happen in the workplace. No matter how many safety seminars are conducted or precautions taken, employees are all human and mistakes are inevitable. While it is crucial to be as preventative as possible, we cannot ignore preparations for what will happen when an accident does occur. Conducting an accident report… Read More »

Use Your Smartphone to Land a Job

Your smartphone is a mini computer that you carry around.  You may even feel incomplete without it.  However, smartphones are not just about Candy Crush and Flappy Bird (if you are lucky enough to have it loaded).  You can use your smartphone to land a new job. Here are five ways to use your Android,… Read More »

Use Personal Branding to Land Your Dream Job

Want a better job? So does everyone else! Use your personal brand to stand out. Let’s face it, the job market is tough out there., a leading online group for recruiters and HR professionals, recently reported that the average corporate job opening receives 250 resumes. From those 250 resumes, typically only 4-6 people will… Read More »

Denver Market at a Glance

Denver Rocks! Industries Our city’s central location within the United States has made it a natural location as a distribution hub.  As we grew, many technology and telecommunication companies moved in, giving us (today) a high-tech GDP concentration rate that exceeds the national average by 60%, Our location adjacent to the Rocky Mountains has also… Read More »

Job Store Staffing – DBJ's 9th largest staffing company and 21st largest Woman Owned Business in Denver, Colorado

2013-2014 Denver Business Journal, Book of Lists, ranks Job Store, Inc. (dba, Job Store Staffing) the 9th largest temporary staffing company in Denver and the 21st largest Woman-owned business in Denver.  Coming into our 40th year in business in Colorado, Job Store, Inc. thanks our customers and our employees for continuing to make us a successful Colorado… Read More »

4 Steps to Set Career Goals for 2014

Very few people find their perfect job right out of the gate.  Establishing the right career path that gets you to the best possible job takes more than luck and crossed fingers.  It takes a little bit of planning and a little bit of strategy. It takes career goals. Career goals are the things that… Read More »

How to Write a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

Everyone needs to know how to write a great LinkedIn Recommendation. It helps others, but also reflects well on you.  If you know how to write a fantastic Linked Recommendation, you are in a better position to help others write great recommendations for you. The problem is that many think view the actual writing as… Read More »

5 LinkedIn Groups to Join for Denver Job Seekers

As mentioned in one of our earlier posts, networking is a crucial component of your job search strategy.  One of the easiest ways to begin networking is to join a LinkedIn Group.  Therefore, if you are searching for a new job in the Denver area, here are the top 5 LinkedIn Groups to join: Get… Read More »

How to use social media to screen and recruit

LinkedIn is (in many cases) a recruiter’s best friend for both recruiting and screening.  But LinkedIn is not the only social networking site that can be (or should be) leveraged during the hunt for the best possible employee. Facebook is also a viable option. Recruiting Recruiters who use Facebook generally focus on the site when… Read More »

How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Build a Talent Pool

When using LinkedIn to search for job candidates, your goal should be to find the best people the people not looking for you the people your competition has not found yet. Most recruiters understand the basics of sourcing people via LinkedIn –  a good mix of candidates, ability to validate information, the ability to quickly… Read More »