Dress For Success Event

Don’t miss Job Store Staffing’s upcoming panel event – our Dress for Success and the Professional Women’s Group! Join us on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 at 5:00 PM for our Dress for Success event. The main topics include Scrubbing Your Social Media for a Professional Look and Job Interview Tips/Tricks. It’s going to be a very… Read More »

How to Leave Work Issues at the Office

At some point in time, everyone is sure to find themselves stressed from work. Whether you’re in a high-pressure environment or you get emails at all hours, balancing your time is particularly important these days. If you’re struggling with work-life separation and looking for ways to divide the professional from the personal, here are some… Read More »

5 Tips for Recruiting Top Talent in 2021

With every new year comes new opportunities. 2021 is likely to be a year full of new experiences and adventures, especially if you’re open to it. Thinking of bringing on new members of your team this year? Your hiring methods may need a 2021-refresh. Work with a staffing agency to find your top talent this… Read More »

Here’s Why You Should Set Professional Resolutions in 2021

New Year’s resolutions don’t only have to be for personal goals. Set professional goals for 2021! Whether you’re a veteran with multiple decades of experience or you’re brand new to the workforce, you will likely benefit from creating some measurable resolutions to kickstart new growth in your career for the new year. Here’s where you can get… Read More »

A Guide to Creating an Effective Remote Onboarding Process

Getting new candidates in the door is an important juncture in the employee-supervisor relationship. As a leader, you want to show a new worker they belong, help them succeed in the role, and encourage them to stick around. For the new staff member, it’s all about absorbing information. Here’s our handy guide on how to… Read More »

The Importance of a Good Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance: the buzzphrase people are talking about, especially when many are working from home. But why is it important? We’re here to talk about the various reasons that it’s important for workers to maintain a good work-life balance and give a few examples of how this can be achieved.   Boosting Productivity   When we speak about the… Read More »

6 Ways to Show Your Staff Appreciation During the Holidays

The 2020 holiday season is here, and it’s unlike any other. While we may be restricted from some of our usual celebrations, we still want to emphasize the importance of appreciating your employees in a way that helps them feel supported. Here are six different ways that employers can show their staff how much they… Read More »

Here’s How a Staffing Firm Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

Your job search doesn’t have to feel impossible. This article is for the job seeker that isn’t interested in settling for any old job. If you’re a talented candidate with more to offer, a staffing firm like Job Store Staffing can help you find a job that you really love: here’s how.   Revising Application Materials   Passed over for another… Read More »

Stay Healthy with National Handwashing Awareness Week

Did you know the first week in December is National Handwashing Awareness Week? And, with COVID cases spiking around the country, keeping our hands clean is one of the best lines of defense. So, get your workplace involved and have everyone brush up on their handwashing knowledge. Why Handwashing Works When you wash your hands,… Read More »

How to Create a Company Culture that Attracts Top Talent

Your leadership abilities can depend greatly on the types of people you are tasked with leading. Having a reliable crew can really help you get the job done effectively. However, sometimes it can seem impossible to find the right people and keep them on your staff without a huge budget. The realistic approach? Company culture… Read More »