Why a Previous Employee is a Good Fit For a Current Opening

When you post listings for a position, it can be difficult to find the right fit. You may find yourself looking in creative locations for candidates. Hiring a former employee can be tricky, but it’s not uncommon. If you have an opening and you find yourself thinking of previous employees for the role, here’s why you have the right instinct.

The “Boomerang” Employee

Frequently, employers find new opportunities for former staff members. Many workers are satisfied with returning to a previous employer if they are enticed. This is becoming a common practice among employers. Why? There are several advantages to rehiring.


You Know Them

Whether you worked with them for one year or ten, you probably have a good idea of their strengths and weaknesses. This means their second stint with your company can move ahead smoothly. For example, the candidate has great ideas, but they were frequently tardy. Creating a new schedule or offering flextime that can help them manage their time better.


Great Choice for the Team

You’ll find that rehiring a boomerang employee can deliver a great message to your team: “All are welcome here.” Returners tend to boost morale and prove you’re a supervisor who perpetuates a strong and supportive workplace.

Speeds up the Search

Tired of facing a small candidate pool lacking qualified applicants? Turning to your files and rehiring a previous employee helps you make the best of a bad situation. You’ll avoid scraping the bottom of the barrel and you can focus on bringing in employees that understand your company and have the qualifications you seek.

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